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Add the power of smart contracts to your physical items with secure chips linked immutably on chain.

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Create experiences that
blend digital & physical

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Arx secure chips don't require centralized servers to authenticate an item. Like NFTs, provenance lives onchain -- forever.


Build custom experiences for each drop using our open source libraries and templates -- or bring your own platform. Our tools make it easy to deploy directly to decentralized storage.


HaLo chips sign messages and transactions like hardware wallets. Integrate chips directly into existing protocols, dapps and standards like the PBT.

Case Studies



Custom Bean chips for clothing, high end collectables, and vinyl toys.



Membership cards for patrons.

Cool Cats

Cools Cats

Fully custom NFC solution to tie merch with digital avatars.

Cool Cats

Transient Labs

Embedded chips under certificates for authentication.

Cool Cats


Embedded chips to connect apparel to digital experiences.



Crypto as cash instruments.



Integrated chips into web3 streetwear.

One chip, limitless possibilities.

Drop NFTs

Reward your best fans with new NFTs, tokens and content at any point in the future.


Decentralized provenance that can be verified with a single tap.


Whitelist holders who wear your merch to receive special perks during IRL events.

More features


Choose from a variety of off-the-shelf form factors or design your own custom tag. Pair it with a fully bespoke mobile experience.


The free and open ERS protocol means that chips can be upgraded with new experiences over time. Build your own custom platform or connect them with services like iyk.

Web Based

No native apps to install or maintain. Simply tap the chip and redirect to your custom web app that can request signatures from within the browser.

Blockchain Native

Compatible with most blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin thanks to native secp256k1 signing. Store tokens, create claimable digi-physical NFTs or use in DeFi.

Full Stack
Digiphysical Solution



27 mm x 27 mm

Hang Tag

30 mm x 50 mm

CR80 Card

54 mm x 86 mm


74 mm diameter


  1. Three SECP256k1 keypairs

    • Primary scanning key
    • Counter incremented internal key
    • Optional user generated key
  2. NDEF and ADPU interfaces

Open Source Tools

  1. Browser scanning app for iOS and Android
  2. Command line library for desktop interface with a USB scanner
  3. Bulk scanning app for mass chip enrollment
  4. Optional native app for scanning


  1. On-chain URL redirect via ERS
  2. Fully PBT compatible
  3. Compatible with most signing standards like EIP-191, EIP-712
ARX Research, Inc

Let's create together

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Azuki is a community owned web3 brand exploring new media at the intersection of NFTs and IRL experiences.

We worked closely with them to adapt our HaLo technology for the BEAN chip and collaborated to create the PBT ("physically backed token") standard.

The PBT is an entirely new category of tokenized assets like NFTs with relevance for fashion, collectables, art and more.


Poolsuite is an internet leisure corporation.

We worked with Poolsuite to develop a set of membership cards for their DAO members. This includes NFT scanning, custom debossed numbering, as well as a magnetic strip.

The Poolsuite membership cards can receive new and novel experiences for holders over time, while enabling for IRL token gating at events.


Dopamine's vision is streetwear that lives and breathes as dynamic collectibles capable of carrying with them the excitement of true ownership, the weight of history, and the limitless creativity of the brands and designers we all know and love.

Dopamine amplifies and deepens the way you interact with the pieces you own.


Half of all transactions are settled with physical cash. Kong is the first crypto-cash; combining state-of-the-art secure elements, groundbreaking flex PCBs, and time-locked smart contracts.

Everyone understands how to use physical cash, but most don’t know how to use crypto. Kong does for cash what Bitcoin did for money. It opens the floodgates for the next billion crypto users.


Cool Cats approached Arx for a white label, fully custom NFC solution that would playfully tie real world merchandise to digital avatars.

In collaboration with Macy's, Cool Cats created an exclusive hoodie that comes with a special surprise. Each hoodie incorporates a physically backed NFT that allows you to dress just like your Cool Cats avatar in the digital world of Cooltopia.


We worked with Transient Labs to integrate our chips into T.R.A.C.E., a system of smart contracts and hardware to provide a digital Certificate of Authenticity (dCOA) backed by the blockchain for physical art or assets.

T.R.A.C.E. stores additional provenance, such as sales, alterations, exhibitions, and more, on the blockchain through T.R.A.C.E. Records. These records utilize the Story Inscriptions technology developed by Transient Labs.

HaLo chips are embedded under temper resistant certificates and securely fastened to the authenticated artwork. T.R.A.C.E. pieces have been featured at auction houses such as Christie's.


MetaFactory is a community-owned brand focused on crafting products and experiences that travel seamlessly between digital and physical worlds.

We've worked with MetaFactory to integrate HaLo chips into a range of apparel through soft tags, silicone patches and custom accessories.